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About the InvestNative Project

Due to great need for investor and financial education in Native American communities, First Nations Development Institute started the InvestNative Project in January 2007. The project is intended to help Native American communities, especially youth, to learn the basics of investing.

As part of the ever-changing economic landscape, more and more tribes today are taking control of their trust funds and making per capita disbursements to their members. Because of this there is a growing need to educate tribal members about how to invest their resources wisely, both for individual asset preservation and as a way to ensure the long-term vitality of Native communities. The InvestNative Project was launched in partnership with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation (
This website and the online curriculum are funded by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, the Administration for Native Americans’ Social and Economic Development Strategies (SEDS) grants program, and the Verizon Foundation.

The InvestNative Project is based on the curriculum Building Native Communities: Investing for the Future, which was developed by First Nations and released in 2006. 

Its mission is to increase Tribal members’ knowledge of investment principles to help them make informed investment decisions.

To learn more about our work see our current Logic Model on the InvestNative Project, click here.