Big Money: Payment Programs: Structuring Minor’s Trust Programs For Native Communities

This manual is designed to be useful for tribal leaders interested in designing a minor’s trust program that promotes responsible money management for Native youth.

There are a lot of tribes taking steps to ensure that their younger members make good decisions when they get their money such as using the opportunity to buy a home, start a business, or save for the long term. Sharing the good stories of tribal minor’s trust programs is the purpose of this manual. This manual is intended to help tribal leaders and their attorneys, financial advisors, and money managers think about innovative ways to structure minor’s trust programs. It turns out there are a lot of simple things that can be done to help kids make good decisions when they get their Big Money.


Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. It's Human Nature
III. It's Just How the Brian Works
IV. The 18-Year-Old Brain
V. Providing Financial Education is Easy, Right?
VI. Odds and Ends
VII. Conclusion