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Resource Library for Tribal Leaders

There are several new publications that provide information to help tribal leaders design effective minor’s trust programs. Click on the links below to lean more and download these reports.

Big Money: Structuring Minorís Trust Programs For Native Communities

This manual is useful for tribal leaders interested in designing a minorís trust program that promotes responsible money management for Native youth.
Developing Innovations in Tribal Per Capita Distribution Payment Programs: Promoting Education, Savings, and Investments for the Future

This report is dedicated to informing tribal leaders and citizens who are interested in designing per capita distribution programs that include forward-looking features and incentives to promote education, savings, and financial empowerment

Per Capita Distributions of American Indian Tribal Revenues: A Preliminary Discussion of Policy Considerations

This report, published by the Native Nations Institute at the University of Arizona, provides an overview of the strategies many tribes have used to design per capita distribution programs.

  The Management of American Indian Investment Decisions: A prudent practices manual for investment fiduciaries
This manual, written in partnership with the Foundation for Fiduciary Studies and Native American Bank, provides a list of fiduciary practices that define a standard of excellence for American Indian tribal leaders and their investment committees.

Tribal Innovations in Children’s Trust Accounts
This report, published by the Center for Social Development at Washington University, provides information about how tribes are structuring minor’s trust accounts.